About Us

Aramark Chef with Students

Aramark as a company values 
healthy choices. Providing nutritious menus for your students is the foundation of their overall good health. We take this responsibility seriously by:

  • Creating recipes that focus on “right-size” portions and socially responsible food selections (ex. Cage-Free Eggs)
  • Reducing added sugars by limiting the use of added sugars in cooking, featuring reduced-sugar cereals and serving only fruits in light syrup or natural juice
  • Proactively reducing sodium levels by using only frozen or fresh vegetables, eliminating salt in recipes and relying on salt-free seasonings to naturally enhance the flavor
  • Reducing or eliminating fats in recipes
  • Incorporating the USDA vegetable sub-groups and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables every day at breakfast and lunch

We want to ensure every student has the opportunity to enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal. We understand and accommodate the varying needs of your students by providing these as needed:

  • Gluten-free products and menus (UDI’s bread items available)
  • Casein-Free menu selections
  • Pork-free products and menus available
  • Vegetarian/Meatless (lacto-ovo) options